Hybrid Cloud

At Vigilant.IT we can guide and assess your choices of Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Service Provider.


Transform your Data Center

Deliver a resilient, elastic infrastructure in your Data Center, in the Cloud, or both

You may want to leverage the power of a Cloud Service such as IaaS, PaaS or SaaS within a Hybrid Cloud, and at Vigilant.IT we have the flexibility to offer you both the power of Microsoft’s Azure shared resources and Private Cloud dedicated resources, hosted in your data center or in our Infinitis Microsoft certified Private Cloud. Our Hybrid Cloud enterprise-class solution is managed with one cohesive platform of Microsoft’s System Center Suite.

Our Hybrid Cloud Solutions are designed to integrate with your organisations Security and Compliance settings and they will work with your exisiting Networking equipment and configurations.

  • Consistent enterprise-class virtualization platform across Clouds

  • High throughput connections between Azure Data Centers and your Data Center (on-premises or co-locations)

  • Low cost enterprise class Disaster Recovery solutions to your own secondary Data Center or to Microsoft Azure

  • A software-defined storage solution that can out-perform SAN infrastructure, with Cloud-integrated storage options

  • Software-defined networking, including physical / virtual bridging and hybrid extensions

  • Comprehensive set of Business Continuity capabilities including cloud-enabled Backup and Recovery options

  • Azure-consistent tenant experience and services across hybrid environments

  • Cloud-integrated monitoring and Application insight

  • Faster Application development lifecycle, increased productivity with test and dev labs in Microsoft Azure.

We know from experience that Business has a legacy of both Applications and Operating systems that often restrict their plans to leverage the benefits of Cloud. At Vigilant.IT we can help you build a solution that stretches across your Data center, our Data center and the Azure public cloud. We understand how to Architect and Engineer a fully integrated solution and provide your Business with the build and operate systems for your hybrid cloud platform. We will enable you to have scalability and flexibility to rapidly provision new services, while maintaining control by hosting your data in the location most appropriate to your business needs.