About Us

Who We Are

Vigilant.IT is the IT support and hosting team that every business needs as they look to make use of cloud economies and scale. Friendly, committed to getting it right, and careful not to over-complicate things, we love working with customers who are prepared to commit to the long-term and learn and grow with us, providing the knowledge and support they need.

While you’re busy running your business, we will take the worry and stress out of managing your IT by providing managed services that help keep everyone in your team up and running. And because we’re committed to developing a long and ongoing relationship, if we see a better and more budget-friendly way of doing something  that still matches our high standards, we’re the first to let you know.

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Vigilant.IT is an Azure and hybrid cloud solutions specialist. We assist companies to move from their legacy environments to hybrid cloud models that enable them to leverage the best technology for their business. We have been in the business of building data centers before the rise of cloud and understand the fundamental requirements for efficient, secure, and resilient operations.

Look under the hood of some of Australia’s largest private clouds and you will find Vigilant.IT build expertise empowering users to be more productive by seamlessly accessing the applications needed to perform their work.