Is your organisation using cloud computing? Maybe you would like to understand it better and how it can be used in different parts of your IT environment and data center. Microsoft Azure is the preferred option for enterprises large and small, as it goes beyond the standard cloud services to offer so much more.

Azure Stack Hub

Azure Stack Hub can extend the power of Azure into your organisation, thereby enabling services and applications that will readily transform your business. How will you take advantage of this, and how will you leverage your existing infrastructure and services to keep them relevant?

Windows Server

You have already virtualised your compute layer, but what about storage and network virtualisation? A “software defined data center” with Windows Server can help transform your data center, with containers, Nano servers, shielded VMs, Storage Spaces Direct and more.

Managed Services

For Enterprises searching for a more cost-effective way of managing IT infrastructure, Managed Cloud Services can be an effective solution. Managed Cloud Services enable organisations to reduce capital expense by provisioning only the infrastructure needed at any given moment.

You want to make use of cloud scalability and services.

Here's how you make it happen…


If you’re thinking of moving to the cloud, you will need a team, and not just IT people. Whether you’re moving applications to IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, the business will be impacted, so you’ll need the application owners on your team.


You already understand your on premise environment, but now you have to discover things about it through the lens of cloud readiness. For example, you will need to understand how much data each application outputs (data egress), as this is charged for in the cloud.


Will some applications run better and be more cost effective by migrating them to Platform as a Service (PaaS), or should you simply “lift and shift them” to the cloud? For example, why deploy SQL Server on a VM in Azure, when you can use Azure SQL Database and save the management overhead associated with VMs.

Migration Plan

How will you prioritise the migration of applications to the cloud, and what will be the factors that determine the priorities? Is the best way to give them a weighted score based on the needs of each application owner, or should time and cost be the driving factors?


You’ll need these. You may already have some cloud subscriptions, but how will you consolidate them? Are they in Azure Service Manager, Azure Resource Manager or Amazon Web Services? And how are you going to back up your applications if they reside in the cloud?

At Vigilant.IT, we have over a decade of experience building hosted systems for our clients.

We leverage that experience to help you understand and maximise your transformation to a hybrid cloud. We use a single, cohesive management system that spans operating systems, cloud models and cloud providers. We leverage cloud services that enhance on premise functionality. We work with the most popular device platforms to provide “anytime anywhere” access in a controlled, protected way. And we utilise global security tools and intelligence to keep your hybrid infrastructure secure.

Strong Partnership with Microsoft

Since 2003, Vigilant.IT has enjoyed a strong partnership with Microsoft and has achieved multiple Gold & Silver competencies. We are also a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner, validating our ability to deploy and deliver successful cloud projects to Microsoft's high standards. Finally, we are one of a small group of elite partners worldwide who are a Microsoft Cloud OS Network Partner.

Vigilant.IT appointed as NSW Government ICT supplier

Operations Technology Group t/a Vigilant.IT has become an approved supplier to the NSW Government for its Prequalification Scheme: ICT Services (SCM-0020). As a pre-qualified supplier of Advanced Standing, Vigilant.IT can enter into high risk contracts and/or contracts greater than $150,000.00 for services such as Data Center and End User Computing.