Cloud solutions give you the flexibility to scale your IT resources up and down on demand.

The advantages of Cloud Infrastructure are compelling. Migrating your infrastructure to a Cloud solution helps you reduce maintenance of on-premises data centres, saves you money on hardware costs, and enables real-time business insights. They also help you quickly provision new applications and increase the reliability of your underlying infrastructure.

VIGILANT.IT’s Cloud Infrastructure Services combine the Microsoft Azure Hyper Cloud with our own Public and Private Cloud platforms (based on the Microsoft Cloud design template Azure Stack to offer a suite of Cloud types to suit your specific requirements. For our cloud platforms we take responsibility for monitoring, maintaining and updating virtualised infrastructure. This means your IT people will spend less time on maintaining infrastructure and more time on strategic functional priorities that have the power to move your organisation forward. Our flexible pricing model for Managed Cloud Services enables organisations to reduce capital expense by provisioning only the infrastructure they need at any given moment.


System health and utilisation reports – an effective IT business
planning tool, allowing for improved capacity planning.

24×7 Support from a specialist & certified Australian team in Microsoft Azure.

Proactive problem detection and automated alarming to reduce downtime, as imminent problems are foreseen earlier, resolved faster or avoided completely.

Advice only when and where you need it – we won’t bombard you with endless statistical reporting until there is a reason.
Ease of expansion to our Public or Private Clouds.


Get access to an Azure-powered cloud platform, through a set of familiar Azure self-service interfaces, whilst consuming as much or as little as you need, on demand and billed by the second. With our Public Cloud you can use the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) interface to achieve a programmable infrastructure framework that can scale-out and back dynamically in response to system events. You can get access to a logically isolated public cloud environment that provides access to Azure computing infrastructure and some platform services, on our industry hardened Azure platform managed by us and residing in an Australian data centre.


Get access to a block of Azure-powered computing capacity that is tailored to your workload and
operational needs. Our Private Cloud is built to a configuration template that can be tailored across a range of dimensions (e.g. CPU, memory, storage) and setup for use in several weeks. For a minimum of 2 Azure Stack nodes your workload will be physically and logically isolated from others in our managed platform whilst residing in an Australian Data Centre. All accessed through our secure network connectivity and billed monthly for a fixed term.


VIGILANT.IT is a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and so we can arrange your access to Microsoft’s Azure Hyper Cloud platform. Microsoft Azure is a global cloud powerhouse with constant innovation in security, IT capabilities and reliability, providing you with the ability to leverage global scale with minimal investment.


A cloud computing solution such as Microsoft Azure manages the infrastructure – while you purchase, install, configure and manage your own software – including operating systems, middleware and applications. Using the same tools and Cloud Management  framework we employ for our Public and Private Clouds, we can host your Microsoft cloud infrastructure in our preferred Data Centre and manage it for you. Microsoft Azure Cloud is the base physical layer of the cloud computing stack. Put simply we can define it as the underpinning foundation designed to allow other services to function. Cloud encompasses the physical framework for data transmission, calculation, manipulation, and presentation. It provides storage and networking resources on demand, on a pay-as-you-go basis.


Flexibility from a choice of cloud commercial models
Operational simplicity with one support owner across all your Microsoft Cloud services
Fast access to cloud, you can be setup in our Public Cloud or the Azure Hyper Cloud in the same day, for our Private Cloud it will only be several weeks.
Scale up or down quickly and cost-effectively – pay only for what you use.

Unified security and Identity Management.

Anytime, anywhere access for your entire business.


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