In today’s environment, Identity Management is more important than ever.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a continuous part of your company’s digital framework. It encompasses onboarding of new team members, and rescinding privileges from those who are exiting the company. Depending upon your setup and the sensitivity of your data, you’ll also want two-factor or multi-factor authentication, quarantined access, user monitoring, and data governance across your entire enterprise. Particularly when staff work remotely or in the field.


Identity Management flows across to contractors, suppliers, partners – even your customers. So, it’s crucial that you have a centralised and active IAM structure that will give you the confidence that your company is in safe hands.

Our Identity Management service encompasses:

Identity management and certifications.

System security.

Multi-layer authentication protocols as needed.

Policy enforcement.

Adding and removing access

Monitoring and protection against breaches, unusual activity and unauthorised use.

Updating access control when team member roles change.

Integration of legacy systems.

Protecting sensitive data.

A blueprint for how cloud-based and on-premises apps link together.

Dedicated Identity Management through VIGILANT.IT will help to keep your data secure and appropriate access for your team up to date.

This includes:

  • Centralised database.
  • Zero-trust model.
  • Control access to sensitive IP.
  • Audit user login history.
  • Manage user identities and privileges.
  • Manage enterprise database.
  • Manage digital identity of devices as well as personnel.
  • No need for spreadsheets.
  • No worries about maintaining what can add up to 100’s of permissions.
  • Save manpower and expense in monitoring and deployment.
  • Peace of mind with proactive administration.


VIGILANT.IT was the first company in Australia to be recognised by Microsoft as certified Microsoft Security Experts with Gold Certification in this category. Following our tradition of being at the leading edge of technology, we commit significant resources to ongoing development of our Security expertise to assist our customers in ensuring the security and safety of their environments and data.


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