All it takes is a single cybercriminal.

Domain names are a primary element of your digital presence, controlling access to your company’s website, blog, emails and your digital footprint. Many businesses own multiple domain names, which may be in active use, or just registered and ‘parked’ to prevent cybersquatters, counterfeiters, pirates or phishing websites from hijacking your brand to scam customers. It is also common for businesses to protect their brand’s future growth by registering relevant top level domains (TLD) – for example: .com | | | .uk | .net | .asia | .it | .legal to name a few – See full list.


Domain Management through VIGILANT.IT will ensure the safety and ownership of your domains, and provide centralised access to your domain credentials to authorised personnel:

Protect Brand integrity

No need for spreadsheets and calendar reminders.

Save manpower and expense.

Peace of mind with proactive administration.

Remove the potential for human error.

It only takes one cybercriminal to find a weakness in your domain security to cause significant damage to your brand’s reputation. In addition, cybersquatters scour the internet, registering similar domain names in the hope of selling it back to you and making a huge profit. The importance of securing, managing and monitoring your domains cannot be overstated.

Another potential nightmare is the scenario where one of your in-house IT team is responsible for registering, renewing and distributing registration keys to your domain host/s. Alerts and notices are directed to their email. They leave without passing the credentials over to another staffer – and you can’t find them. Sounds ridiculous right? But it is more common that you may ever believe.

The VIGILANT.IT Domain Management service encompasses:

⦁ High level security protection
⦁ SSL certificates
⦁ Domain registrations
⦁ Domain renewal
⦁ Domain transfer
⦁ Central control of registry keys
⦁ Liaison with your hosting provider
⦁ Phishing monitoring
⦁ Management of domain name services which connect websites to email, advertising and search.
⦁ Alert service to make you aware of any change to domain status.
⦁ Centralised billing.


VIGILANT.IT was the first company in Australia to be recognised by Microsoft as certified Microsoft Security Experts with Gold Certification in this category. Following our tradition of being at the leading edge of technology, we commit significant resources to ongoing development of our Security expertise to assist our customers in ensuring the security and safety of their environments and data.


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