Previously known as System Center Universe (SCU), Experts Live Australia is a first-class community conference that lives from inputs and ideas from people who are part of the community and knows about real-world requirements and solutions. That said, we are not marketing-driven but to present the latest and greatest content with the best speakers. Sessions are presented with lots of live demos and can go technically deep, mainly down to level 300 or 400 (advanced and expert). Attending Experts Live gives you ready-to-use knowledge and allows you to connect and build long-term relations with speakers and attendees from all over the world.


Our Speakers Agenda

DAY-1 April-06
13:00 PM

How to replace SSRS with PowerBI for SCCM Reports

How to go from Zero to a fully configured PowerBI Instance for SCCM reporting in the space of 50 minutes. Come watch us race the clock to setup the SCCM PowerBI Solution template on a demo environment, along with extending the solution to capture additional information. PowerBI provides a fantastic presentation platform for your reports across all types of devices with little to none effort.

14:05 PM

Tomorrow: Azure Stack. Today: Azure Pack

Awaiting the big release of Azure Stack? Come and learn how you can implement Microsoft’s existing cloud solution, Azure Pack, today. We’ll start with the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of becoming the Cloud hero inside your organisation for on-premise cloud, reveal which resource providers exist today for Azure Pack, before unveiling insights into Azure Stack ahead of its 2017 release.

DAY-2 April-07
15:15 PM

Hyper-V, VMWare, Linux, Windows and Cloud Backups? Of course we can.

Join MVP Stephane Budo in this technical and demo packed session to learn how Microsoft Azure Backup can protect your Hyper-V, VMWare, Linux and Windows on-premises servers, as well as any Virtual Machines in the public Cloud. Discover how you can easily build a bullet proof backup and restore strategy and become the legend that saves the day when a critical restore is required!


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