Migration Plan

How do you prioritise the migration of applications to the Cloud? To understand what applications should be moved, when and how. A Migration plan should encompass a well attributed catalogue of applications managed by your IT. Next the relative importance of each attribute (say, business criticality or amount of system integration) can be weighted and the prioritised list can be

Vigilant.IT conducts a top-down assessment of the applications and the results can be used to then map out a list of which applications have the highest potential value and are better suited for migration. This would recommend a start point for any organisation that may be able to combine that list with some quick wins that are based on lower potential value applications that are also better suited for migration to the Cloud.

Our assessment will show how each Application or Workload is architected in the recommended Cloud environment and will also show how the Networking is configured and integrated into your existing network.

In conclusion, the migration of Applications and Workloads to the Cloud should not be seen, as an end point but as a beginning for your organisations digital transformation strategy.