VIGILANT.IT offers a complete range of Managed Services, and as your partner in technology, we take responsibility for monitoring, maintaining, securing and improving your IT systems. We’ll create an IT ecosystem where people and ideas can connect- anytime, anywhere. We specialise in managing Microsoft devices, platforms and applications to provide your business with confidence your computing infrastructure is controlled and protected. Our Managed Services begin by integrating the devices and platforms your workforce is using into our Service Desk operation. Then moves into keeping them up to date, compliant with the latest security protocols, and set controls to restrict sharing of your sensitive data.

Whether you are looking for modernisation, cloud migration, increased security or you simply want the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 support from one of Australia’s most experienced and accredited service providers – we’ll help you get ready for the journey. The important first step is to speak to the VIGILANT.IT experts who will work with you to dive deep into how you are currently set-up and where you want to go. We’ll create a detailed roadmap to outline the best mix of services for your current status and to help you grow into the future.


Cloud Infrastructure Services​

If you’re thinking of moving to the cloud, you will need an expert team. Businesses searching for a more cost-effective way of running IT infrastructure choose our Public, Private and Hyper Cloud Infrastructure Services as an effective solution. They enable organisations to reduce capital expense by provisioning only the infrastructure needed at any given moment.

Modern Working

Today’s workers need to be connected – regardless of the device, time, or place. IT mobility creates enormous opportunity and flexibility for companies, but it also creates challenges around security and access. We design and deliver the right mix of technology, and the security you demand, to give your team a consistent experience as they consume applications across multiple devices.

Systems Integration & Management

Any IT strategy must be executed with the least disruption, so our first priority is to establish a Strategy Team from your IT people and dedicated VIGILANT.IT engineers. The stability of your network is vital – regular and proactive system maintenance optimises performance, minimises disruption, and
ensures future availability.


In 2020, the average time taken to identify a security breach was 228 days, and 23% of all data breaches are caused by human error. The list of factors which can easily make you vulnerable is lengthy, and can involve a combination of humans, systems, tech and weak processes. VIGILANT.IT utilises global security tools and intelligence to keep your users and infrastructure secure.

Infrastructure Management​

The stability and recoverability of your network is vital to your business. System outages and poor
load speeds can lose you potential clients and revenue. Secure infrastructure which is constantly monitored, maintained and secured will help protect you from cyberattack. Up to the minute backup safeguards your valuable data. At VIGILANT.IT we take an ‘all-in’ approach to protecting your data, and won’t settle for cutting corners.

Disaster Recovery​

Disaster recovery seems to bring its own set of problems. Whether it’s complex setup and
management, long recovery times, production impact during testing, or the significant expense of a secondary data centre. DR can be challenging – let VIGILANT.IT take the hassle out of DR. Well-engineered backup and restore may be the best insurance policy you’ll ever buy. When disaster
strikes, we’ll be there to minimise downtime and your business fully-functional asap.

Infrastructure Assessment ​

We take care of your vital infrastructure with a full complement of services. From a detailed infrastructure assessment, providing infrastructure security, to IaaS, VIGILANT.IT helps you reduce capital expenditure, optimise costs and enable productivity from anywhere. Our solutions will give you the flexibility to scale your IT resources up and down on demand. We can help you quickly
provision new applications and increase the reliability of your underlying infrastructure.


As an expert Microsoft infrastructure partner for more than 15 years, VIGILANT IT has a long history of solving some of the toughest cloud networking scenarios.

With nine Microsoft Gold and Silver competencies, and three Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), our team is one of the best in Australia. Microsoft’s software and methodology is cohesive, feature-rich, easy to use and economical. VIGILANT.IT is one of only a handful of Azure Networking Managed Service Providers, and one of three official ExpressRoute system integrators in Australia – we are experts in Azure Networking.


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